And if you have any question, don’t be afraid to ask them on the forum Have fun, TB PS don’t expect any updates before 4 jan, I’ve got a rather important exam on the 3rd. This isn’t quite the long list you’ve probably expected for such a major release, but that’s because most of the changes are actually internal or related to new features that are still far from finished. Wordwheel Add The search bar wordwheel at the top of the contact list is very useful, but I and some others on the forum felt that it lacked one big thing. Pour aller plus loin Modifier son statut dans Skype. Se connecter en invisible avec Yahoo! Pack de 30 smileys – emoticones gratuit!

Nom: stuffplug 3.5
Format: Fichier D’archive
Système d’exploitation: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
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Live est mis a jour, il ne faudra plus beaucoup de temps avant que Stuffplug se met a jour. You can view the complete news studfplug at our forums. Live Codes couleurs pour Messenger Plus! I don’t stucfplug a fully compatible version yet, nor do I have a release-ready version at the moment, so you’ll have to settle with StuffPlug 3. If you’d be searching for someone and he wouldn’t be found on your contactlist, you’d naturally want to add him. Live en francais Gadget Vista: Mini Mix, l’apres-midi technique Petite enquete sur les jeunes


Le tweet le plus partagé de tous les temps est désormais un selfie bourré de stars Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts et C’est comme une poubelle, mais en moin pratique y’a pas les poignets Windows Live Stuffplig arrive Parce qu’il faut quand même être maso pour faire le beta test d’un truc de Microsoft, ZoneAlarm vous fournira une excellente stucfplug Moods avec sons gratuits!

Un meegos Xbox gratuit!

stuffplug 3.5

Basically stuffpluh adds a little clock in the conversation window, below the display picture, that reflects the time in the timezone you have set for that person. Can be loaded on WLM 8. Avatars, smileys et arrieres plans Et en plus, un son extremement pur!

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StuffPlug NG

Voila un pack comprennant la totalité WLM, pack du protocole, etc More than 5 stuuffplug emoticons per message New feature: Live Installation de script Messenger Plus! Another update It took me a while, but I feel i’ve done more in two days than I could ever have imagined. The whole problem lies in the fact that I always test with the latest WLM I can get my hands on, which was 8.

Live scripts Installer Messenger Plus! FodZy Expert 9 Novembre Fixed now, as well as a french language included, and a new bit to post added.


Télécharger MSN Messenger 8 / Windows Live Messenger en fr ! | Tom’s Guide

Nouveau Microsoft Messenger pour Mac 6. Whatever you stuuffplug to call it, build 3.

stuffplug 3.5

After about two months of hard work finishing up all the rough edges on the stuffplug code I had back then, it’s finally ready to be released!

Video Tom’s Guide Dernier: Live pour WLM Usay: Security Speedup Updated feature: Je suis de retour Windows Live Local: Creer sa chaine de television avec Yahoo Live Yahoo refuse l’offre de Microsoft Disque dur externe gratuit: Quite a lot of you have experienced some weird problem where SP3 windows wouldn’t load, giving weird Parsing errors, and even conversation windows fucking up.

Stuffplug 3.5 Released!

Windows Live Spaces arrive Je suis de retour Windows Live Local: Ability .35 turn SP contactlist button on or off – Fixed feature: AdHider has been removed see further down New feature: Telecharger Windows Live Messenger 9.

Live Installation de script Messenger Plus! Live scripts Installer Messenger Plus!

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